U7AG is an autonomous aerial application system designed for large Canadian farms. Whiles drones have been associated with small tanks and slow application rates, our advanced thrust vectoring VTOL technology solved this by enabling fixed-wing spraying at 120 km/h (74 mph) with a 7 m (23 ft) boom, while simultaneously being capable of fully automated, ultra fast VTOL refills. The result is an overall, refill-included single-aircraft rate of 150 acres/hr at 2 gpa and 100 acres/hr at 4 gpa, delivering performances comparable to SP sprayers, with the benefits of aerial application, all at a significantly lower cost.

We know time can be critical when it comes to spraying, that’s why we designed U7AG to be capable of being farm-owned, so you can do spraying whenever you want and however many times you want, without worrying about paying high per acre costs associated with traditional aerial applications.


Spraying drones on the market today are mostly small, slow multicopters designed for small farms, with typical application rates less than 10 acres/hr at 1 gpa or less. This is just not practical for large Canadian farms with an average size of 400 acres or more, and the use of very low gpa and ultra fine droplets increases the risk of drift.

With application rates of 100 acres/hr at 4 gpa, or 150 acres/hr at 2 gpa, and with fully automated refills, U7AG brings productivity comparable to SP sprayers, but without damage to fields or crops, or canopy height limitations, and at a significantly lower cost both upfront and during use.

Drift Control

U7AG's wings are designed with an ultra high aspect ratio, winglets and laminar flow sections, reducing wing tip vortices and trailing edge turbulence, which minimizes flow-induced drift. With rapid automatic refills and a 12 gal spray tank, higher water volumes and higher GPA (4 gpa) can be used without compromising productivity or coverage, minimizing drift from movement and evaporation associated with fine droplets.

Farm-Owned, On-Demand

Environmental conditions play a huge role in maximizing productivity and minimizing drift. U7AG is designed and priced to be stationed on your farm, giving you full ownership and letting you spray at a moment's notice when conditions are right, effectively giving you the convenience of owning a SP sprayer but with all the benefits of aerial application.

Precision Sensing and Targeting

Available on-board RGB + NDVI sensors and centimeter-grade GPS let you perform your own crop scouting, giving you a complete picture of crop health before spraying. Scouting data can then be directly fed into the flight planner, letting you precisely target problematic areas with centimeter precision, giving you true, actionable precision agriculture.

Next Gen Aerial Application

As with all aerial spraying, U7AG flies over the field to eliminate crop trampling and soil compaction, and is not constrained by canopy height or soil condition, letting you spray more often and later in the season to obtain higher yields.

More than a traditional aircraft, U7AG's hover capabilities lets it navigate tight corners at low speeds while retaining high speed coverage in open fields, bringing new capabilities to smaller farms previously limited to ground-only options.

Low Cost

U7AG is priced competitively with 80' pulled sprayers and significantly cheaper than SP sprayers, all while obtaining 100-150 acre/h productivity comparable to SP sprayers, and giving you every benefit of aerial application and precision agriculture.

With electric propulsion, U7AG does not contain a heavy engine to maintain, allowing it to have much lower maintenance and fuel costs, saving you thousands of dollars each year.

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